Autumn Lecture: “The Chrysanthemum in Art and Culture” by Twigs Way

Date(s) - 19/10/2023
7:30 pm - 9:15 pm

Leicester Bowling Club

This is a second visit by Twigs Way who, on the previous occasion, proved a very knowledgeable and entertaining speaker on Allotments.

She is fascinated by the past and intrigued by the role of flowers, gardens and landscape in art and culture of all kinds. Her role as a professional researcher and writer reflects this endless curiosity and her books on plants and gardens explore themes of symbolism and meaning in art and culture.

Twig’s has recently become fascinated by the history of individual flowers in art and culture and we have chosen her talk ‘The Chrysanthemum in Art and Culture’. Imbued with the Chinese philosophy of long life and health, the chrysanthemum brings colour and exoticism beloved by artists and gardeners. This talk incorporates culture and myth, artworks and design, with an overview of the development of the chrysanthemum.

Drawing its allure from the gold of the sun and the rule of emperors, the chrysanthemum winds its way through ancient Chinese culture into the gardens of French Impressionist painters and onto the pages of American novels. The flower signifies both life and death, as parts of Europe associate it with mourning while others celebrate it for its golden rays that light the autumnal gloom.

In this fascinating talk, Twigs Way follows the fortunes of the flower through philosophy, art, literature and death, recounting the stories of the men and women who became captivated by it.

Twigs Way is a writer, researcher and speaker who is fascinated by the social and cultural aspects of garden history. Her publications include The Cottage Garden (2011) and A Nation of Gardeners (2010) and of course Chrysanthemum(2020). She lives in Cambridgeshire.

This should be another fascinating evening for the LRGT.

The lecture will be followed by the usual tea/coffee and cake. Please let Sue (07900 448910) know if you can bake a cake for this meeting.

Guests are welcome at a cost of £3.00