Visit Steve & Diane’s garden

I had been to see this garden a few years ago and remember the stunning view across the fields and also their conservatory – I think I probably had conservatory envy!  So I did wonder what I would find during this visit.  

Whereas many members visit in April when the tulips are in full bloom, now there is a riot of colour from very different planting, but for me the most surprising of all was the Wildflower Meadow at the end of the garden.  Steve told me they bought the paddock 5 years ago, and the wildflowers are now getting established.   It took me straight back to my childhood when I used to pick Red Campion; Buttercups and Vetch and take these home to my Mum, who tried vainly to keep these alive for a few days. 

I was delighted to see ferns and hostas in a very shady area near the house, which has encouraged me to persevere with my own small attempt to create a fern area and I also saw some wonderful purple & white Tradescantia near their pond (the hard landscaping here was designed I am told by Sue Blaxland) which I hadn’t had chance to see in flower before.  I was also fascinated by the heating system for the Walled Garden, which I had heard/read about, but never had an opportunity to actually investigate before.  Thanks Steve.

There is an awful lot more to explore and enjoy (and I did) but even if YOU have visited previously, I would encourage you to make time to go again at a different time of year and see what other delights you can find.  

Diane & Steve plan to open their garden for the Trust on Sunday 16th June and also on Monday 29th July so an opportunity to see the herbaceous borders in full flower.

Judith Proctor

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