Visit Judith’s Garden.

I did not know what to expect when I went to visit Judith’s Garden.   What I found,  was a delight.

When I arrived she was waiting for me on the pavement, where I was told that we have to go on a

short walk before seeing the garden.  Within a very few minutes we were in a wonderful green space,  Glen Parva Nature Reserve Trail, with tall trees and paths leading to the Grand Union Canal and the Great Central Railway footpath. This puts the garden in context.

Back in the house we see the small garden, which has a largish conservatory,  designed by Judith  which fits perfectly into it’s space.  There are a lot of pots waiting  to be filled and the planting shows real imagination and intelligence.  I will say no more about that,  as I want you to see it as I did for the first time. She has created a space which is secluded,  peaceful and very quiet, making full use of the tall trees from the spinney,  with the added bonus of extra bird song.  The relationship of garden,  conservatory and living room make a perfect whole.

Elizabeth Bacon

Judith will be happy to see you on  Tuesday June 4th or Wednesday July 3rd.   

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