Old Vicarage at Gumley

When we started out with the Walled Garden Project we had a list of known walled gardens in the two counties. I do not think we expected to keep finding more, but we do. The walled kitchen garden at Gumley Old Vicarage is a case in point.

Early on in lock down Gill and Paul Knight were walking near Gumley and Gill spotted this obvious walled garden. She rang in great excitement to tell us about it, but totally frustrated because Rowan and I were behind the red line and could not leave Leicester.

At the end of June Rowan and I were allowed out and were able to meet Gill in Gumley church yard with our coffee. We admired the garden from the field. Normally I would have plucked up courage and knocked on the door, hoping to speak to someone, but in view of virus we felt it an unnecessary intrusion. We tracked down the owner who was happy for us to visit, but, again we were prevented visiting in gardens. We just have to wait. The owner tells me that it now house a swimming pool. When you think of it it’s a good use of the space.

Elizabeth Bacon