Winter trip to Chippenham Park 2020

Our winter trip was to Chippenham Park in Cambridgeshire. This is a garden in winter which is well worth seeing, it has been said to have the best display of snowdrops in East Anglia, I can vouch for that, and there are many other species of plants and shrubs with winter interest. A good lunch at a nearby pub, tea and cake before we went home made it a perfect winter day out. Seems like heaven now.

One of the interesting things about this visit for me, was the fact that a friend invited me to join her on a visit there, by The Friends of the Botanic Garden years ago. I found out, when we were all established members of the Trust, that also on that trip were a certain Sue Blaxland and a certain Debs Martin. We did not know each other then, a nice coincidence.

Elizabeth Bacon

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