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We have almost 600 postcards in our collection of images of parks, gardens and open spaces in Leicestershire and Rutland. As well as being historically interesting they also can be valuable when researching an area.

If you have any old postcards that you think might be of interest to us please contact us.

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Bradgate Park, Leicester. Undated: The stream (File:1534)
Bradgate Park, Leicester. 1901-1920: The stream and cascade (File:1533)
Abbey Park, Leicester. Undated: Lake in the Japanese garden (File:1532)
Abbey Park, Leicester. 1921-1940: The bridge (File:1531)
Abbey Park, Leicester. Undated: The pavilion with extensive flower beds (File:1530)
Leicester Abbey, Leicester. 1901-1920: The ruins. Franked 1907 (File:1529)
Comic, 1901-1920: When father does a bit of gardening (File:1528)
Western Park, Leicester. Undated: View with the bandstand (File:1527)
Western Park, Leicester. 1901-1920: Board view across the park (File:1526)
Victoria Park, Leicester. 1901-1920: Closeup of the pavilion (File:1525)
Victoria Park, Leicester. 1941-1960: The war memorial with the pavilion in the background. Franked 1949 (File:1524)
Victoria Park, Leicester. 1921-1940: Large chricket match in progress in the background. Franked 1934 (File:1523)
Spinney Hill Park, Leicester. Undated: The pavilion and fountain with rustic fencing (File:1522)
Spinney Hill Park, Leicester. 1941-1960: Children's playground (File:1521)
Leicester Abbey, Leicester. Undated: The Abbey wall and gardens (File:1520)
Leicester Abbey, Leicester. 1901-1920: Leicester Abbey ruins shot by moon light. Franked 1905 (File:1519)
Castle Gardens, Leicester. 1921-1940: The Castle Gardens and St Mary de Castro church. Posted 1936 (File:1518)
Birstall, Leicester. 1901-1920: Postcard of a large private house in Birstall (File:1517)
Loughborough Town, Loughborough. Pre 1900: Messenger greenhouses contact card. Franked 1898 (File:1516)
Spinney Hill Park, Leicester. 1901-1920: House in snow. Franked 1910 (File:1515)

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New postcard of Garendon Hall

Garendon Hall, Loughborough. 1901-1920: Garendon Hall and garden. Franked 1916 (File:1546)

We have recently acquired this postcard of Garendon Hall, Loughborough, which is an interesting addition to our collection. Some years ago, Research Group members had a private visit to Gardendon Park: in fact, the image on the main Research page shows four of the group walking down the avenue away from the Temple of Venus, apparently herding sheep! Our Research Publications page contains a report which is taken from the Parks and Gardens UK website…