An important aspect of the Trust is our Events Programme. We run a series of lectures, visits and social events throughout the year, to which guests are always welcome. These can include visits to sites where public access is limited.

We have garden visits throughout the year, spring and autumn lectures and a “Celebrity Lecture” at Leicester University. Previous speakers at this lecture have included Kim Wilkie, Chris Beardshaw, James Alexander Sinclair and Troy Scott Smith, to name but a few.

We also have an annual garden visiting holiday and two purely social events each year. See recent past events here. These contribute to our original aim when setting up the Trust to be a welcoming group.

Date/Time Event
All Day
A 5-day holiday to Somerset
All Day
Rutland Water Study Day (date to be confirmed)
Harbour Cafe, Rutland Water, Whitwell Rutland
All Day
Bourton House and Kiftsgate.
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Guided walk round Grace Dieu (date to be confirmed)
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News and Past Events

2022 Events programme

Slowly the programme for 2022 is coming along. We thought it would be an interesting idea to concentrate our visits on Gloucestershire as it has a wealth of gardens. We have two more dates for your diary. May 10th for Batsford Arboretum and Sezingcote July 7th for Bourton House and Kiftsgate. We are hoping that Marcus Chilton Jones, Head gardener at Bridgewater, will give the celebrity Lecture in September. The reply to my E Mail…

Guided walk of Thrussington 2021

I always enjoy our annual village walk  and now, when I drive through some of the ones we have looked at,  I feel a certain sense of satisfaction  of knowing something of their past.    Janet Spavold, whose background is in medieval and local history, lead us on a walk through Thrussington last Sunday.   She took us to a series of cottages and houses dating from the medieval to a slightly incongruous  Arts and Crafts house of the…

Rutland Study Day Delay

It is with great regret that we have to postpone the Rutland Study Day for yet another year.  Although  lock down rules are due to be axed a few days before June 24th we cannot be sure that social distancing will be discontinued.   If it is still necessary, then we would have to reduce the numbers by 50% which would be counterproductive and a financial loss to The Trust. Our speakers are very understanding and…

Norfolk Holiday Cancelled

It is with regret that, I have to say that the holiday in Norfolk has been cancelled.   We did not have the numbers, this was mainly due to the virus.   Many of the friends were concerned, that although the holiday could still go ahead, they were unsure re social distancing.  It was felt that a lot could be lost in the social aspect of the holiday, which is one of it’s attractions, and that there…

Visit to RHS Bridgewater

This is a very intriguing photograph of new RHS garden, Bridgewater, which the L.R.G,T. is due to on Auguest 12th 2021 . For obvious reasons this year’s visit had to be cancelled. It was also unfortunate that we we had to cancel the Hoby tea this year, when Marcus Clinton Jones, the then recently appointed Head gardener was to be the speaker. However this photograph (click on image for a full size image) has wetted…

Winter trip to Chippenham Park 2020

Chippenham Park

Our winter trip was to Chippenham Park in Cambridgeshire. This is a garden in winter which is well worth seeing, it has been said to have the best display of snowdrops in East Anglia, I can vouch for that, and there are many other species of plants and shrubs with winter interest. A good lunch at a nearby pub, tea and cake before we went home made it a perfect winter day out. Seems like…

Winter Lunch and a film

When I realised that I was going to miss the only showing of the Piet Oudolf, film, “Five Seasons”, in Leicester, in June 2019 I was determined that we would include it in our programme at some point. The winter lunch seemed a good opportunity, as it was to be held in Hoby Village Hall with Mrs Bridges as caterer. After some difficulty Steve managed to get hold of it, not easy. It was shown…

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