Annual 2022 Lecture: Bridgewater Garden: Horticulture, Landscape and Wildlife

We were very lucky to have Marcus Chilton-Jones the curator of the new RHS Garden Bridgewater giving this lecture. Around 120 people enjoyed a fantastic presentation on the development and future of Bridgewater. This is an important event for raising funds for our education programme. We have not got all the costs in yet but anticipate making at least £500. Thanks to all of you who attended and helped sell tickets.

A few of his slides (selected from the 41 he showed) are attached below:

What has been achieved and what is left to do!
Finally opened after a Covid delay
Notice the city in the background. Very much an urban site.
Future development’s to look forward too.
Specific developments on the Chinese Stream

As always the presentation was followed by a social event where we were able to ask more questions to Marcus.

Click on the photos to enlarge them: