Norfolk Holiday Cancelled

It is with regret that, I have to say that the holiday in Norfolk has been cancelled.   We did not have the numbers, this was mainly due to the virus.   Many of the friends were concerned, that although the holiday could still go ahead, they were unsure re social distancing.  It was felt that a lot could be lost in the social aspect of the holiday, which is one of it’s attractions, and that there was still a degree of uncertainty with regard to the future.  I do have a lot of sympathy for those of you how were happy to go I would have been there, but I must say that the probability of wearing a mask for a large proportion of the time was a little off putting

I am thinking about arranging a long weekend away, possibly early October in Norfolk  (partly because its the sea and its near) so that we can all get to know each other again and begin to look forward to future visits and holidays with LRGT. We would not be doing the same visits as those of the holiday.  Jackie at Success Tours is looking into this.  I will keep you informed.   I am hoping that the Norfolk holiday will happen in 2023.  Sue and I so  enjoyed our recce visit and met very welcoming owners.  I would be sorry if it could not take place.

We are being cautiously optimistic about the Study Day in Rutland.  When I contacted the speakers early in lock down they were enthusiastic about the event being repeated this year.  We also hope that the the Trussington Walk will happen but unsure re the afternoon tea. We will keep you informed.    One thing is certain it will be limited to 30 people.

Only a few more weeks now before we will be let out, fingers crossed that things will go according to plan and that our very strange times are coming to an end.