Planning the 2021 holiday

Experience has taught us us that in order for the holiday to run smoothly, a recce visit to the proposed gardens is really necessary for the trip to be as enjoyable as it possibly can be and less stressful for us.

Sue and I enjoy doing this do this in the preceding Autumn . We contact the owners and explain that we would like to visit with a view to the holiday. A chat with owners can be useful as you can be given spontaneous information about other gardens, pubs and coffee stops. Most are welcoming and enthusiastic. I have to go to some trouble to explain that we are not checking up on their garden to see if it is good enough but the logistics of the visit with regard to timings access etc. Some apologise for the fact that it is autumn and their gardens are not at their best. That is not why we are there, and for us we have the added pleasure of seeing a garden when in it’s full glory

We are off in a couple of weeks to Norfolk and just hope that there are no more restrictions. I tell the owners where I live so they have a chance to shut me out, Sue would be okay. So far no problem. More news on our trip when we return.

Elizabeth & Sue